LoRa spread spectrum RF hand held transmitters

14th February 2019
Alex Lynn

The ‘LoRa Spread Spectrum RF hand held transmitters’, The TAURUS and CARLTON, have been launched by RF Solutions. Achieving a wide 16KM range of operation (Line of sight), the new range also features an internal rechargeable battery via wireless charging as well as a microUSB charging point.

Housed in a Rugged enclosure (the same profile as an iphone), TAURUS provides up to eight switches whilst the larger CARLTON provides 16 Switches also with an IP67 enclosure. These transmitters can operate with a range of RF Solutions receivers to generate many different remote-control systems; such as 725 DIN RAIL Modules, SlimDIN Rail Receiver, Elite, Trap and the Mainslink series receivers.

The user can setup several modes of operation, providing short- and long-range options with also the option to request and display ‘acknowledgement’ feedback from the Receiver confirming the operation. These transmitters can also automatically transmit an automatic background watchdog signal.

Available as 868MHz, RED CE certified European version and a 915MHz FCC certified transmitter for North America the transmitters are also available as customised versions for specific applications.

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