Digitally tunable filters boost tactical-radio performance

31st July 2014
Mick Elliott

The new TF010x series of digitally tunable bandpass filters from Link Microtek offer military communications systems designers a low-loss frequency-hopping capability for software-defined radios. Designed and manufactured by MtronPTI, the filters are available in eight different models covering frequency ranges from 30MHz to 1GHz, each with 250 tuning steps, 8-bit parallel tuning control and a switching time of less than 25µs.

The TF010x filters are particularly suitable for use in vehicle adapter amplifiers, which extend the range of a typical hand-held or manpack tactical radio to 40km or more.

As well as providing frequency-hopping functionality, the digitally tunable filters reduce cosite interference on the transmit side by limiting out-of-band emission and increase sensitivity on the receive side by blocking nearby off-channel transmissions.

Passband insertion loss is typically less than 3.6dB, and third-order intercept (IP3) is specified as +45dBm minimum. In-band power handling is 1.25W, while out-of-band power can be up to 5W at +/-10% off the tuned frequency.

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