Flexible RF and microwave support service is launched

4th October 2016
Alice Matthews

A flexible support service to meet both the test equipment and skills requirements of the UK RF and microwave industry has been launched by Interlligent RF & Microwave Solutions, a specialist in RF and microwave services.

“A shortage of skills and resources is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today,” said Oren Hagai, CTO and president of Interlligent. “The rapid growth in wireless communications and the advent of 5G, the IoT and the Connected Car mean that even companies without a background in RF technology are facing the need to acquire RF skills, and microwave engineers need to learn how to work at millimetric frequencies. We believe that the electronics community is looking for a more personal approach to meeting these challenges, and this includes sourcing test equipment as well as training solutions.”

Interlligent UK provides test equipment for both rental and sale, along with advanced technical training courses and support services that are tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs. Interlligent UK works with companies to identify their test and measurement challenges and supply the best solution – not just the equipment itself but also accessories and focused training, backed up with ongoing support and service. Because Interlligent’s engineers are in daily contact with R&D teams and are familiar with a wide range of applications, they are well-placed to understand customers’ training needs, and can build customised courses to suit these requirements.

According to Interlligent UK: “The shortage of qualified electronics engineers in the UK, particularly those with RF skills, has been well-documented. It is forecast that tens of thousands of new engineers will be needed in the next ten years to meet the ongoing demand for new product development. Engineers already in the industry need to continually update their skills –for example digital designers need to learn about analogue and RF technology, while RF designers are expected also to understand the principles of digital design. With the introduction of 5G, engineers will need the requisite skills to integrate off-the shelf millimetre-wave components, and this may be a steep learning curve for those used to working at lower frequencies.”

Companies addressing these new technologies will also need access to the latest measurement technology, while wishing to minimise their capital outlay. Interlligent has built up an international reputation as a provider of RF test equipment rentals and support services, and its UK facility offers an extensive inventory of test equipment and accessories, backed by first-class RF engineering support and flexible business plans to suit customers’ needs.

“Our customers expect a specialist RF and microwave service provider to have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most suitable, cost-effective solution backed up by first-class ongoing support,” said Oren Hagai. “Our philosophy is to provide not just a box but an integrated resource package that includes test equipment, training and technical support, and to foster an ongoing relationship that continues to fulfil their resourcing needs.”

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