GaN power amplifier covers 300MHz to 6GHz spectrum

20th February 2018
Mick Elliott

The HMC8205 gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier from Analog Devices is now in stock at Mouser Electronics. Covering the 300MHz to 6GHz spectrum, the highly integrated wideband MMIC radio frequency (RF) amplifier provides significant benefits for system designers of applications such as wireless infrastructure, radar, public mobile radio, and general-purpose amplification test equipment that require pulse or continuous wave (CW) support.

The amplifier offers integration, gain, efficiency, and wide bandwidth in a small footprint. The small device requires minimal external circuitry, which reduces overall component count and board space.

The device combines DC feed/RF bias choke, DC blocking capacitors, and driver stage on a single design, while delivering 45.5dBm (35W) with up to 44% power added efficiency (PAE) across an instantaneous bandwidth of 0.3GHz to 6GHz.

The amplifier is supported by the EVAL-HMC8205 a two-layer evaluation board that includes the HCM8205 amplifier, 50-ohm coaxial RFIN and RFOUT connectors, and a copper heat spreader for thermal relief.

The board also includes mounting holes that allow engineers to attach an external heat sink for improved thermal management.

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