GaN Plastic power modules provide cost advantages

11th July 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

GaN in Plastic power modules, claimed to have advantages over ceramic-packaged flange-mount components, have been released by MACOM. Optimised for pulsed Avionics applications in the 960-1215MHz band, the MAMG-001214-090PSM 2-stage, fully matched GaN surface mount power modules scale to peak pulse power levels of 100W in a 14x24 mm package size.

The high gain GaN in Plastic power modules support surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, providing significant cost and process advantages compared to ceramic-packaged flange-mount components. Delivering clear benefits in size, weight and power (SWaP) while enabling high volume manufacturing efficiency, the modules feature a Land Grid Array (LGA) pattern for enhanced thermal flow and 'True SMT' assembly and do not require copper coining or complicated thermal management techniques on the system PC board.

Under pulsed conditions, the MAMG-001214-090PSM delivers output power greater than 90W, with 30dB a typical associated power gain and 60% typical power added efficiency. Supporting 50V operation and up to 3ms pulse width/duration for improved signal flexibility, the GaN in Plastic modules reduce overall power consumption and cooling requirements compared to existing options.

“The 90W Avionics module is the latest GaN Module in MACOM’s growing family of fully matched SMT power products,” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager, MACOM. “The ease of application, system benefits and surface-mount automated assembly are of great benefit to the customer, and critically, also improve the time to market for rapidly evolving requirements in aviation and radar applications.”

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