GaN driver amplifier operates over 13-18GHz bandwidth

28th October 2015
Mick Elliott

Availability and full design support capabilities for a new 2W GaN driver amplifier from Qorvo have been announced by distributor Richardson RFPD.  The TGA2958-SM is a packaged Ku-band amplifier fabricated on Qorvo’s 0.15um GaN on SiC production process (QGaN15). Operating over a 13-18GHz bandwidth, the device delivers 2W of saturated output power with 20dB large signal gain and > 25% power added efficiency.

This, along with >25dB small signal gain allows it to support a variety of low power Ku-band systems or as a linear, high-voltage driver for Qorvo’s line of high-power Ku-band amplifiers. 

Packaged in a 4 mm x 4 mm air-cavity QFN package for high performance and easy handling, the TGA2958-SM is fully matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking capacitors on both I/O ports for simple system integration.

It is an RF amplifier that can provide needed functionality across both commercial and defence related markets.

According to Qorvo, additional key features of the TGA2958-SM include:

  • Psat: > +33 dBm at PIN = +13 dBm
  • PAE: > 25% at Pin = +13 dBm
  • Small signal gain: > 25 dB
  • Input return loss: > 7 dB
  • Output return loss: > 13 dB
  • Bias: VD = 20V, IDQ = 70 mA, VG = -2.7V typical
  • Package dimensions: 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 1.74 mm
  • Performance under CW operation

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