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EuMW 2014: E-Band driver amplifier unveiled

8th October 2014
Mick Elliott

At European Microwave Week, MACOM has strengthened its hand in the backhaul point-to-point radio space with the introduction of a 4 stage E-Band driver amplifier that builds on its previous MAAP-011106 E-Band Power amplifier release in early March. Delivering typical Psat of 24 dBm for the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz frequency ranges in a single product, the device is ideal for high capacity macro cell and small cell backhaul point to point radios.

MACOM’s new MAAM-011167 E-Band driver amplifier is ideally suited for both macro cell and small cell backhaul point-to-point radios and features variable gain with adjustable bias and an integrated power detector, which allows customers to avoid extra loss and extra cost that is associated with a discrete power detector.

The bare die power amplifier supports 18 dB of small signal gain with variable gain control for flexible performance tuning.

Depending on the application and required power output it can either be used as a final stage Power Amplifier or as a Driver Amplifier for applications requiring higher power. Each device is RF tested to ensure performance compliance, and is fabricated using an efficient pHEMT process.

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