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14th April 2022
Mick Elliott

The ADL5580 from Analog Devices is a high performance, single-ended or differential amplifier with 10 dB of voltage gain optimised for applications spanning from dc to 10.0 GHz.

The amplifier offers a low referred to input (RTI) noise spectral density (NSD) of 2.24 nV/√Hz (at 1000 MHz) and is optimised for distortion performance over a wide frequency range, making the device for driving high speed 12-bit to 16-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs).

It is suited for use in high performance, zero intermediate frequency (IF), and complex IF receiver designs. In addition, this device has low distortion for single-ended input driver applications.

By using two external series resistors, the gain selection of the amplifier can be modified from 10 dB for a differential input to a lower gain.

The device maintains low distortion through its output common-mode voltage (VCM) of 0.5 V, providing a flexible capability for driving ADCs with full-scale levels up to 1.4 V p-p.

Operating from a +5 V and −1.8 V supply, the positive and negative supply current of the amplifier is typically +276 mA and −224 mA, respectively. The device has a power disable feature, and when disabled, the amplifier consumes just 2 mA.

It is optimised for wideband, low distortion, and low noise operation at the dc to 10.0 GHz frequency range.

These attributes, together with its adjustable gain capability, make this device an optimal choice for driving a wide variety of ADCs, mixers, pin diode attenuators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, and a multiplicity of discrete RF devices.

The ADL5580 is fabricated on Analog Devices high speed silicon germanium (SiGe) process, the device is supplied in a compact 4 mm × 4 mm, 20-terminal land grid array (LGA) package and operates over the −40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Design support is provided by the ADL5580-EVALZ evaluation board, this board enables developers to evaluate all the key features of the device and allows complete manual control of the amplifier through the USB port on a Windows PC.

The evaluation board connects to the SDP-S interface board for quick evaluation of the amplifier.

The evaluation board can be configured over the USB from a panel within the ACE software.

The ADL5580 fully differential ADC driver is suitable for use in Military and Test Instrumentation applications.

Anglia are offering customers a free evaluation board and samples of the ADL5580.

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