Broadband limiting amplifiers range expands to provide more support

6th June 2017
Alice Matthews

Provider of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products, Pasternack, has expanded its offering of broadband limiting amplifiers which are commonly used in electronic warfare, microwave receivers and broadband communications systems. Pasternack’s coaxial broadband limiting amplifiers cover a wide frequency range, from 1-18GHz, and are used to protect sensitive microwave receivers by 'limiting' excessive input power which could potentially create unwanted distortion or even damage the receiver.

These RF amplifiers offer an input dynamic range between -61 and 20dBm, high gain levels of 40-80dB typical while exhibiting gain flatness performance of ±1dB depending on the specific model. Additionally, these limiting amplifiers accept a wide range of input power levels while responding with a limited range of output power, between 15-19dBm, with a saturated power output deviation of ±0.5dB over the frequency range, independent of the input.

Pasternack’s wideband limiting amplifiers are housed in hermetically-sealed packages and are designed to withstand harsh environments with operating temperatures ranging from -30 to 70°C. Over-voltage protection is installed externally for easy repair and the amplifiers are fully matched internally for 50Ω input and output, which eliminates the customer’s need for additional sensitive, external RF tuning components.

“By expanding our offering of broadband limiting amplifiers we can offer our customers even more application support and flexibility,” said Tim Galla, Active Equipment Product Manager. “Furthermore, these limiting amplifiers are all in-stock and ready to ship to address the urgent needs of our customers.”

Pasternack’s five models of limiting amplifiers include the PE15A6002 which features 60dB of gain and supports 1-2GHz frequency range; the PE15A6015 which features 40dB of gain and supports 2-4GHz; the PE15A6007 which features 80dB of gain and frequency range of 2-6GHz; the PE15A6008 which features 40dB of gain and a frequency range of 2-8GHz; and the PE15A6012 which offers 40dB of gain and a frequency range of 6-18GHz.

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