400W S band PAs speed time-to-market for radar applications

24th May 2016
Nat Bowers

Designed for a variety of civil and military radar applications, two 400W S band power amplifier pallets have been announced by Ampleon. The BLS9G3135P-400 and BLS9G2934P-400 small form factor modules, measuring just 55x35mm, reduce the overall size of the PA sub assembly in addition to reducing the design’s BOM cost.

Optimised for SWaP-CR (Size, Weight and Power – Cost and Reliability) constraints, these 9th gen 32V LDMOS technology pallets meet the industry requirements of cost and reliable performance. The pallets are 100% RF tested ensuring a high product consistency in the end design. The latest LDMOS Gen 9 technology used in these pallets is very competitive against most of the existing solutions currently available in the market. The major benefits of using LDMOS technology against other technologies in this application area are the long-term availability together with the renowned product consistency and quality.

The BLS9G3135P-400 and BLS9G2934P-400 are 50Ω matched modules that help engineers create high power solutions. The BLS9G2934P-400 has an output power greater than 400W, a gain of more than 10dB, an efficiency over 40% and can operate in the 2.9 to 3.4GHz range. It is sampling now, with full production due in Q4, 2016.

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