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3.3V PCIe clock generators operate at just 100mW

17th June 2015
Nat Bowers

Expanding its low-power PCIe portfolio of clock generators, Integrated Device Technology has announced six and eight output 3.3V clock generators. The 9FGL06 and 9FGL08 operate at approximately 100mW (roughly one-fifth the power of traditional PCIe clock devices), making them the lowest power 3.3V PCIe clock generators on the market and effectively eliminating thermal concerns.

The clock generators greatly exceed the phase jitter requirements of the PCIe Gen3 specification in anticipation of the upcoming PCIe Gen4 specification and are suitable for applications such as such as gigabit Ethernet, which require less than 3ps RMS 12k-20M phase jitter.

The 3.3V devices are pin-compatible to IDT’s 1.5V 9FGU series and 1.8V 9FGV series PCIe clock generators. With their integrated terminations, the devices’ ultra-compact 5x5 and 6x6mm packages can deliver up to a 90% reduction in board area. Factory programmable versions provide quick turn device optimisations to meet exact customer requirements.

Kris Rausch, General Manager, Multi-Market Timing Division, IDT, commented: “With our release of the 9FGL family, IDT adds 3.3V devices to its portfolio of low-power, high-performance PCIe clock generators delivering the features that meet our customers’ needs to reduce space and power. And looking to the future, we fully expect these new devices to meet the requirements of the coming PCIe Gen4 standards.”

The 6-output 9FGL06xx and 8-output 9FGL08xx PCIe clock generators are available now. The 2-output 9FGL02 and 4-output 9FGL04 clock generators will be available in Q3, 2015.

IDT plans to quickly follow this initial offering with 3.3V versions of low-power PCIe buffers and multiplexers that are pin-compatible to the 9DBU/V and 9DMU/V families.

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