BPM announce support for iCE40 FPGA family

29th October 2013
Staff Reporter

BPM Microsystems and Lattice have worked together to develop and qualify proactive support for the iCE40 family, with BPM Microsystems today confirming that their 7th and 8th Generation platforms now support the iCE40 family of FPGAs from Lattice Semiconductor Corporation.

This announcement from BPM Microsystems signals that immediate support for the iCE40 family of FPGAs is now available to customers using the latest BPWin software release.

“Lattice programmable solutions are important to our customers,” said Colin Harper, director of sales and marketing at BPM Microsystems. “We support thousands of Lattice programmable devices for customers around the world. It really made sense for BPM Microsystems to provide a solution for the iCE40 family as well.”

The iCE40 family of FPGAs is designed for applications that have the most aggressive power, cost and footprint requirements. Ideally architected for smartphones, tablets, and other space and power constrained systems, the iCE40 family uses a highly cost optimized fabric. The iCE40 FPGA family is an ideal choice for functions such as sensor management, IR subsystems, custom connectivity, memory/storage expansion and glue logic.


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