Arria 10 FPGAs enable Ethernet interconnection technology

15th June 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


Altera has announced that its Arria 10 FPGAs have been chosen by Silkan, a provider of real-time data transmission, for its deterministic real-time high-speed Ethernet interconnection technology.

The Silkan CETRAC switch is a plug-and-play solution, using an Ethernet cable to connect critical systems in aerospace and defense and instrumentations and controls markets. It was developed to provide safe connectivity, low latency and rapid delivery of information between these onboard systems, without any data corruption. The solution also supports avionics applications that must meet the requirements for Design Level Assurance A, and B, two of the highest safety levels in avionics.

Altera Arria 10 enables Silkan to meet Ethernet IEEE802.3 standards with a one-chip programmable platform, and to achieve new levels of performance, and improve connectivity safety and reliability, along a lower cost of ownership. CETRAC switches can also support non-critical applications needed in flight, offering guaranteed data integrity and low latency.

CETRAC is also provided as IP core and is embeddable in Line-Replaceable Unit, which is a modular component on an airplane, ship or spacecraft. CETRAC offers full retro-compatibility with the company’s Arion100 product, an integrated, industrial, and real-time environment providing complete virtualisation for a system.

“Our customers in avionics and the military demand systems that provide ever-increasing performance enabling safe and secure communication, and Arria 10 enables our systems to meet the high safety standards required in avionics, with a low cost of ownership,” said Jean-Pierre Carsalade, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Silkan. “With CETRAC, we will be well-positioned to offer our customers best-in-class innovation in the field of Ethernet interconnection technology for critical systems”

“We are pleased that Arria 10 has enabled Silkan to enhance CETRAC’s performance, and can do so with a one-chip platform, which offers a reduced footprint,” commented Ian Land, Senior Manager, Military, Aerospace and Government business unit, Altera. “Arria 10 demand has ramped up faster than any product in Altera history, and is now delivering the kinds of performance Silkan can demonstrate in its CETRAC real-time high-speed Ethernet interconnection technology.”

Silkan will demonstrate the Silkan CETRAC switch at the Paris Air show, which takes place from 15th to 21st June. The company will be situated in hall 4C, booth 83.

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