Diodes Inc. Expands General-Purpose Low-Voltage CMOS Logic Family for Wide Application Range

22nd February 2012
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Diodes Incorporated has expanded its low-voltage CMOS (LVC) general–purpose logic family, beyond single- and dual-gate products, with the addition of 10 popular functions in 14-pin TSSOP packages. The new 74LVCxx logic ICs are designed for a broad range of computing applications including desktop and notebook PCs, computer peripherals like hard-disk and optical drives, networking equipment such as routers and hubs, as well as an array of consumer equipment including TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs and gaming consoles.
Currently available devices in the family include: hex inverters, hex inverters and buffers with open drains, and hex inverters with Schmitt trigger inputs. Variations of quadruple NAND, AND, OR, XOR and two types of tri-state buffer gates will soon be available.

Key advantages of the new logic family include: a 1.65V to 5.5V range, allowing use in both battery-operated and traditional 5V applications; voltage tolerant inputs, to 5.5V, for use in a mixed-voltage environment; supply current of less than 1µA in many applications; and I(OFF) output circuitry, which disables the outputs preventing backflow current when the device is powered down. Additionally, the device inputs can be driven at 3.3V or 5.5V for voltage translation applications.

New ICs in the expanded family, which are direct drop-in replacements for industry-standard parts and are available at highly competitive prices, include:

• 74LVC00AT14-13 - Quadruple 2-Input NAND Gates
• 74LVC04AT14-13 - Hex Inverters
• 74LVC06AT14-13 - Hex Inverters with Open-Drain Outputs
• 74LVC07AT14-13 - Hex Buffers with Open-Drain Outputs
• 74LVC08AT14-13 - Quadruple 2-Input AND Gates
• 74LVC14AT14-13 - Hex Inverters with Schmitt Trigger Inputs
• 74LVC32AT14-13 - Quadruple 2-Input OR Gates
• 74LVC86AT14-13 - Quadruple 2-Input XOR Gates
• 74LVC125AT14-13 - Quadruple 3 State Buffers OE LOW
• 74LVC126AT14-13 - Quadruple 3 State Buffers OE HIGH

The 74LVCxx quad and hex logic devices are priced from $0.09 USD each in 10K quantities.

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