Tiny footprint relays featuring fast operate times

26th June 2018
Alex Lynn

The reed relay company, Pickering Electronics, has announced a very small reed relay. The Series 124 is part of Pickering’s new ultra-high density 4mm2 reed relay range product line, which takes up the minimum board area of only 4x4mm, allowing the highest packing density possible.

Series 124 relays are also low profile on the 4x4mm footprint, measuring just 9.5mm high. Devices are currently available in one form A (energise to make) with options of three or five volt coils.

Series 124 reed relays feature a sputtered ruthenium switch rated at 5W, 0.5A. These are the same reed switches as used in the Pickering Series 111, 111P and 117 but are orientated vertically within the package, facilitating high density.

The relays have fast operating times, typically 80µs, making them suited for high speed test systems, and due to the small size they are also suitable for high density applications such as A.T.E. and Semiconductor switching matrices or multiplexers.

These single pole relays are the second series to be launched within Pickering’s new ultra-high density product line. Series 120 devices were released at Semicon West last year, rated up to a 1.0A at 20W, but with a higher profile height of 15.5mm.

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