Tactile switch series offers advanced haptic features

16th May 2018
Enaie Azambuja

RAFI USA has developed a compact switch that combines a tactile and acoustic response with a long operating life and secure contact connections. Designed for a wide range of applications including automotive, instrumentation, medical, test & measurement and more, the miniature MICON 5 tactile switch is available with a wide range of operating forces to deliver the required haptic characteristics for most any application.

With an overall area of 5.1mm x 6.4mm and a height of only 3.85mm, RAFI's MICON 5 tactile switches utilise reliable gold contacts to achieve a high level of switching reliability in a minimum amount of space.

Versions with actuation forces of 3, 3.6, 5.5, and 8N offer graduated switching characteristics with perceived actuations that range from easy and comfortable to distinctive and firm switching behavior. Acoustics also play a role in the perception of operating quality.

The MICON 5 Series includes a low-noise version with an actuation force of 3.5N. A MICON button without tactile and acoustic response is also available for safety-oriented applications and is used as a redundant extra key along with standard buttons in this series.

Depending on the selected operating force, the micro push buttons withstand between 250,000 and one million switching cycles. MICON 5 switches are available with SMT and THT connection types.

Round and square plungers in various dimensions and lighting versions enable the use of the key switches beneath an overlay. A comprehensive range of illuminable and non-illuminable actuators makes the MICON 5 Series suitable for any harsh industrial, measurement/control, medical and systems engineering application.

"Tactility and actuation force represent important design criteria for switch reliability and positive user interface. For example, push buttons with a high level of mechanical resistance are recommended to prevent unintended actuation, or actuation with users wearing gloves in harsh environments. Customers that wish to differentiate their end products and improve the machine interface experience in particular, look for switches with a consistent crisp tactile feedback and audible click," said Gary Mountford, VP of Components at RAFI-USA.

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