Sealed emergency stop switch simplifies installation

6th March 2019
Alex Lynn

Human machine interface controls and components provider, RAFI, has expanded its RAMO Series product offering to include emergency stop switches (E-Stop) for rugged applications. The RAMO Series pushbutton control components feature fully enclosed mono-housings with ingress protections of IP65, IP67 and IP69K, and standard M12 plug and play connectors.

This ensures that the necessary wiring effort is reduced to a minimum and that no extra enclosures with special sealing are required.

Emergency stop switches, or E-Stops, are a critical system component that protect the safety of both operators and machinery in a variety of emergency shut down situations. Depending on a customer's end product and market, E-Stops are regulated by a large range of international safety standards that cover both the performance specifications of the switch, and the need for an E-Stop on equipment and machinery.

Gary Mountford, VP of Components for RAFI-USA, explained: "The largest cost driver for installing industrial controls into a typical application is not the cost of the switches and components, but rather the labour required to manually wire each component, and time preparing the custom enclosure.

“This was necessary in the past because control elements were designed for manual wiring and housing integration exclusively and all connections required extra protection from moisture and dirt - usually by means of expensive NEMA enclosing solutions. The RAMO Series E-Stop switches simplifies installation and saves time via the M12 plug and play connection that ease assembly and is sealed above and below the mounting surface."

If there are very tight space restrictions, installers can use M12 connectors featuring right-angle cable exits. Rotated by 135°, the cable exits allow for a high packing density. The RAMO Series E-Stop switch has 2NC contact capable of switch 35V, and are available in both 22MM and 30MM versions, and meet applicable ISO and IEC standards.

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