Inductor features low DCR in 4040 case

23rd August 2018
Mick Elliott

The first device in the IHSR series of high temperature commercial inductors from Vishay Dale is in stock at New Yorker Electronics. Designed for multi-phase, high current power supplies and filters in computer, industrial and telecom applications, the IHSR-4040DZ-51 offers a 50% reduction in DCR over typical power inductors.

It also demonstrates a 20% or greater profile reduction over similar ferrite products. In addition, the inductor boasts an unprecedented standard DCR tolerance of 5%, with 3% available for more accurate current sensing.

With a frequency range up to 5MHz, the recently released device is optimized for energy storage in DC/DC converters and high current filtering up to the self-resonant frequency (SRF) of the inductor.

Applications include notebooks, desktop PCs, and servers; low profile, high current power supplies and filters; and DC/DC converters for distributed power systems.

The inductor’s low typical DCR of 0.520mΩ and inductance of 0.130µH allow for higher current density than competing technologies, while its 4mm profile enables slimmer end products.

It offers high temperature operation to +155°C, rated current to 92A, and handles high transient current spikes without saturation.

The device is available in the 10mm x 10mm 4040 case size; additional case sizes will be offered in the future.

Packaged in a 100% lead (Pb)-free shielded, composite construction that reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels, the inductor offers high resistance to thermal shock, moisture and mechanical shock.

The IHSR-4040DZ-51 is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green.

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