Heavy-duty multi-function grip with four rollers

18th April 2019
Alex Lynn

The launch of the HI, a heavy-duty, multi-function grip that offers a wide range and combination of proportional roller and discrete push-button switch functions, has been announced by Curtiss-Wright. The grip is suitable for use in arduous construction, material handling and agricultural in-cab applications. 

It is available fitted to Curtiss-Wright’s JC6000 and JC8000 series joysticks, or as a stand-alone grip with a range of adapters to suit standard industrial fittings.

With its novel roller design Curtiss-Wright’s HI aims to set the standard for new joystick controller grip design by incorporating up to four, ergonomically-placed, easy-to-reach proportional rollers. Up to three rollers can be placed across the front plate of the grip and positioned within easy reach of a sweep of the operator’s thumb, with the rear roller operated by the first finger. 

The HI is Curtiss-Wright’s first grip designed from the ground up to offer left- and right-handed versions that lean inward and forward, feature a scalloped shaft and a handed hand rest for optimal operator comfort and operation.

The HI grip is available with optional colours for the front and rear switch plates and nine standard colours for each of the buttons and rollers, meaning the HI grip is available in a vast array of configurations. Additionally, the HI can also be supplied with switch icons to industry-specific ISO standards or customer-specific designs. This use of colours and icons facilitates ease of operation by associating a grip button with a machine function.

Additional features and benefits of the heavy-duty, multi-function HI grip include:

  • Up to four Hall-effect proportional axes of control.
  • EMC performance of 150V/m.
  • MTTF’d rating in excess of 900 years.
  • Five million cycle roller and switch life.
  • IP66 & IP67 rated enclosure sealing.
  • Up to ten switch functions.

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