Emergency stop switch with lighted options

15th June 2018
Alex Lynn

Designed to meet the needs of handheld device manufacturers, RAFI has increased its offering of Emergency Stop switches (E-Stop) with its new Active/Inactive lighted options, the E-Stop switches visually show operators when an E-Stop is in the active state. The expanded E-stop offering now includes versions from the Lumotast 16, Lumotast 22, and RAFIX 22 FS+ switch families. 

RAFI offers eight different series of E-Stop switches with hundreds of actuators, contact styles and ratings, all designed for a range of applications. All E-Stop switches are tested and rated to meet international safety standards for emergency stop protocols, including DIN EN ISO 13850:2015.

To meet the requirements of handheld devices, the active/inactive E-stop products provide a fully lighted mushroom head to indicate remote or wireless controls are actively controlling machinery, and that the E-stop is functional and ready to turn off the customer's equipment in an emergency shut down sequence. The special, translucent cover lights up red when active to avoid any confusion by the operator.

The Lumotast 16mm active/inactive E-stop is available with 2 NC contacts in either gold or silver plating capable of switching up to 250W. The compact mono-switch design mounts into a standard 16.2mm panel cut out, sits just 16.5mm behind the panel mounting depth, and is supplied with quick connect terminals. The switch is sealed to an IP67 rating and aims to be capable of 30,000 operation cycles.

The Lumotast 22mm active/inactive E-stop is similar to the Lumotast 16mm, with a larger housing size to mount into an industry-standard 22.3mm panel cut out.

The RAFIX 22FS+ active/inactive E-stop is the latest addition to the RAFI 22FS+ family of industrial controls. The RAFIX 22FS+ is a two-piece system that incorporates the lighted E-Stop mushroom with either a PCB mounted or quick connect terminal block. When utilised with the PCB contact block, the RAFIX 22FS+ extends just 9.2mm behind the panel and delivers an IP65 degree of moisture protection.

Gary Mountford, VP of Components at RAFI-USA stated: "In emergency shut down situations, RAFI E-Stop switches provide high reliability protecting operators and machinery. With the most E-Stop products on the market that meet international safety standards, RAFI's comprehensive line of E-Stop switches are designed for challenging customer demands across a wide variety of industry applications."

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