Wall mounted visual alarm indicator

5th February 2007
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Omniflex has developed the Omni2, a compact wall mounted visual alarm indicator designed for hazard warning in high risk environments. The Omni2 is used to safeguard against personnel inadvertently entering plant areas where abnormal conditions are present.
A typical application would be Radiation Monitoring. The Omni2 can be positioned on the wall adjacent to the entrance of the environmentally segregated area. The Omni2 would then be connected to the monitors and if airborne contamination or High Radiation conditions for example, are present in the area, a large flashing visual warning of the hazard is displayed.

The Omni 2 features full dual redundant design for each of the two alarms, including power supply, solid state logic and visual display, providing a highly reliable alarm system, meeting or exceeding the functional safety requirements of these critical applications. The Omni 2 is designed to meet the requirements of SIL2 safety systems as defined in IEC61508.

Once an alarm has occurred, the visual display will continue to flash, and the audible alert will continue to sound until reset by the key-switch, even if the hazard condition has returned to normal. The alarm cannot be reset if the alarm condition is still present. An internal audible warning can be enabled giving a warning of a dangerous condition, even if the display is out of sight of the personnel.

The Omni 2 provides features to allow easy routine testing of the alarm system. A green indicator light on the front of the unit provides indication that the unit is healthy. If a fault is detected in either of the dual redundant alarms, this indicator will extinguish, and the instrument failure output will activate warning of the failure. In addition, the Reset key-switch can be used to test the alarm display. If the reset key-switch is activated while no alarm is present, the alarm displays will illuminate.

The Omni 2 is housed in an aesthetic low profile wall mount enclosure that has an IP55 protection rating. Options for mechanical mounting include internal mounting holes or external mounting brackets (supplied). Wiring entry is provided optionally through the bottom or rear of the unit via up to four 20mm glands.

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