Sustainable productivity with 24” Philips 242B1G monitors

16th February 2021
Alex Lynn

The Philips 242B1G 23.8" has been designed for sustainable productivity and addressed to ecologically-minded professionals. This eco-friendly monitor from the Philips monitors’ B Line delivers power saving in addition to ease of use and visual comfort (the Full HD IPS panel delivers colour accuracy and wide viewing angles), ensuring peak performance every day while respecting the environment.

The Philips 242B1G delivers substantial energy savings thanks to a super-energy-efficient design that makes this model perfect even for complex set-ups. More specifically, its power-efficient features use a new LED backlight technology that maintains brightness and colour while using significantly less energy. The monitor is also equipped with an array of other power-saving technologies, such as PowerSensor, LightSensor and 0-watt hard power switch.

PowerSensor detects user presence or absence via harmless infrared signals and automatically reduces monitor brightness accordingly, helping to save up to 80% energy costs. LightSensor technology measures ambient light intensity and consequently adjusts screen brightness. Another important feature that makes this monitor especially effective at reducing users’ carbon footprint is the Zero Power Switch. At the flick of the 0-watt hard switch, users can completely cut off their monitor from AC power, resulting in zero power consumption.

Eco-conscious users demand eco-friendly and sustainable materials to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and promote circular consumption. Composed of 85% post-consumer recycled plastics and a TCO Certified Edge, the Philips 242B1G is free of harmful substances such as mercury, halogen and PVC/BFR to minimise environmental impact. In addition, all packing materials are 100% recycled as well as 100% recyclable, and the display meets major international standards such as EnergyStar 8.0, EPEAT1 and RoHS.

The Philips 242B1G meets high productivity needs. It features an IPS panel with Full HD (1920x1080px) resolution for beautiful colours and sharp images, perfect for numerous tasks from photo editing to web browsing to professional applications that need colour accuracy and consistent brightness, thanks to 102% sRGB gamut coverage. IPS displays also enable wide viewing angles of 178/178o, which is particularly useful when working in teams on a single display.

The 242B1G also has a 75Hz refresh rate, resulting in smoother action when moving objects on the screen. The Philips 242B1G is also fitted with a USB hub, offering four USB 3.2 ports, one of which supports fast charging of smartphones and similar devices.

For users’ comfort, especially those who spend many hours in front of the monitor, this model includes three easy-on-the-eyes features to minimise eye strain. LowBlueMode reduces harmful shortwave blue light, while FlickerFree regulates brightness and reduces flicker for more comfortable viewing. EasyRead completes the offer for a paper-like reading experience. Finally, the 242B1G comes with a fully ergonomic stand, offering 150mm height adjustment, -180/+180° swivel, -5/+35° tilt and 90° pivot adjustment.

The Philips 242B1G monitor is available from February with an RRP of £179.99.

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