Smart-touch display showcased at Paris exhibition

6th June 2016
Mick Elliott

Specialist display supplier Ginsbury and IEE, a manufacturer of enhanced displays for military applications, will be exhibiting at the Eurosatory defence and security exhibition in Paris (June 13-17). In addition to an array of smart and flat panel displays, Ginsbury will be featuring the new IEE 12.1-inch ground vehicle display.

IEE has designed the smart-touch display, referred to as a Control & Display Unit (CDU) with the next generation of ground vehicle architectures in mind.

The display features low latency video processing. The use of distributed video in today’s ground vehicles requires the use of low latency “Glass to Glass” solutions (minimising processing time from the sensor to the display).

This is critical in applications such as targeting or driver’s vision enhancements. The IEE CDU’s hardware-intensive video processing provides low-latency display of any of seven inputs, spanning a wide range of formats.

Graphics/symbology overlay, image manipulation and Genlocksynchronisation are functions of the integrated video processor.

The importance of networking in intra- and inter-vehicle communication is recognised by initiatives such as Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA - UK DEF STAN 23-09), LAVOSAR, NATO GVA (NGVA - STANAG 4754), and the US VICTORY Architecture.

The IEE CDU’s Gigabit Ethernet connections allow for networked distribution of digital video information and data among Vetronics displays and LRUs.

The use of networked open architecture standards is key to obtaining the objectives of interoperability and optimisation of size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).

Through the use of internal COTS elements, IEE’s CDU is capable of being selectively configured to meet the I/O and processing requirements of each specific application.

Technical Features include armoured 5-wire resistive touch-screen, Intel x86 dual-core processor, low latency video selection from multiple sources, frame grabber image capture.

The display meets MIL-STD 810; MIL-STD 461; MIL-STD 1275.

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