Small TFT displays for hand-held, industrial and automotive applications

25th August 2006
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The Sharp Microelectronics ‘SMALL’ family of TFT LCD modules, available from Arrow, offers one of the widest ranges of QVGA products from a single manufacturer. Arrow is now offering the latest 3.5-inch and 3.8-inch modules from this family, including models that combine reflective LCD and backlit transmissive LCD technology in a single module.
The 3.5inch model LQ035Q7DB03F is ideal for hand-held industrial applications. It is a transflective QVGA (240 x 320) display with an active area of 53.64 x 71.52mm and reflectance of 13%. This module uses a six white LED backlight system, and has a typical brightness rating of 55cd/m² combined with a side-to-side viewing angle of 100º. This display is available with a touchscreen option (LQ035Q7DB02R). A slightly lower reflectance version LQ035Q7DH02F is available with a brightness rating of 100cd/m². Of course a touchscreen option is available also (LQ035Q7DH03). This family of displays is being upgraded further with a high brightness version, LQ035Q7DH06. This will have a brightness rating of 200cd/m² and will be available in the third quarter of 2006.

Sharp’s 3.8-inch TFT (LQ038Q5DR01) is a versatile, transmissive display that will suit a variety of applications where readability in changing ambient light conditions is a key requirement. Originally developed for automotive applications, this QVGA display fits easily into most dashboard 2-DIN slots. Active display area is 78.72 x 53.64mm. High typical brightness and contrast ratio ratings of 450cd/m² and 100:1 respectively, combined with a side-to-side viewing angle of 130º, ensure that the information on the display can be viewed in all conditions and from a variety of user positions. A CCFT system provides the backlight.

For applications that require a LED backlight technology, a new the LQ038Q5DC01 3.8-inch QVGA display will be available in Q3 06. This uses a fourteen white LED backlight system to deliver 240cd/m². This display has an active area of 76.8 x 57.6mm and supports a side-to-side viewing angle of 100º.

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