Showcasing IT solutions for precision farming

12th July 2018
Alex Lynn

It has been announced that JLT Mobile Computers, will be attending InfoAg, where it will showcase rugged mobile computers and IT solutions that address the precise requirements of major elements of the agricultural value chain.

From on-field precision farming, through animal feed supply and distribution solutions, JLT has a vehicle mount terminal for all eventualities, especially for those in hostile and demanding applications.

Products on show comprise the company’s VERSO+ ten rugged computer, its JLT1214P logistics computer and its full range of rugged tablets, including the MT2010, MT1007 and MH1005 models.

The VERSO+ ten computers offer ultimate ruggedness and reliability in the industry’s smallest form factor. Featuring easy mount/dismount, they also offer a scratch resistant touchscreen that deploys JLT PowerTouch display technology, which provides optimum durability and user interactions.

The JLT 1214P logistics computer delivers low cost of ownership and is available with either an integrated power supply, or an isolated supply for use on electrical truck and forklift applications.

Finally, JLT’s rugged tablet range, available with five, seven and 10.1” screens, has been specifically designed to stand up to the rigours of field, food and warehousing applications across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Existing applications for these products include the deployment of VERSO+ ten computers by Machinefabriek Steketee, which uses them for smart farming solutions that leverage the rugged computer’s processing power in conjunction with high-definition cameras to align hoeing machines in order to increase efficiency and crop yields.

Lantmännen, one of the largest farming and food industry groups in Europe, is another user of JLT’s VERSO range, where 80 trucks used for the bulk transportation of animal feed are equipped with these rugged computers for manufacturing and distribution planning.

DeLaval, a leading agricultural technology supplier, is leveraging the capabilities of the JLT 1214P logistics computer in its brand new distribution centre in Gallin, Germany, from where it ships products to over 110 countries.

The agricultural sector is a demanding industry in terms of operating environments and regular user interactions. With the pace of change in technology seeing far greater levels of automation across all facets of the industry, the need for portable and vehicle mount operator terminals is growing. Many suppliers and operators depend on JLT for its IT solutions and as the market matures and becomes more technologically dependent, JLT is hoping to set the pace for this innovative sector.

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