Passive matrix OLED display driver targets wearables market

6th July 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

A Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) display driver which targets the rapidly growing wearables market has been released by Solomon Systech. The SSD1317 is claimed to be the world’s smallest SEG-COM-SEG orientation PMOLED display driver IC to support high brightness PMOLED mono colour display with resolution up to 128x96, meeting the form factor constraints of the wearables market.

As well as supporting high resolution, which allows more content to be displayed on the same panel size, the PMOLED display driver also enhances display quality with an increased DPI. Moreover, the SSD1317 supports 600uA segment maximum source current and 80mA common maximum sink current, marking a remarkable advancement of the high brightness PMOLED display technology. PMOLED panels driven by device can achieve 1000cd/m2 brightness, resulting in enhanced sunlight readability. Furthermore, the PMOLED display driver has proprietary low power display features to further reduce power consumption at standby display mode, suitable for wearable devices with an ‘always-on' display.

Raymond Wang, Vice President, Business Operations, Solomon Systech, said: “The SSD1317, with its innovative features, allows wearable device developers to best capitalise on the surging market needs. In addition, the display driver's command set is specially designed to be compatible with the majority of wearable applications in the market, thereby reducing the software developers’ efforts in software coding, and subsequently shortening time-to-market.”

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