Multichip 16mm LED pilot lamps

27th October 2006
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The latest addition to specialist distributor Switchtec’s own SCL brand, the PL16 16mm LED pilot lamp offers improved brightness, very low power consumption and smaller size – requiring less panel space - than larger, 22mm filament bulb types.
Aimed at OEMs, CEMs, panel builders, and equipment manufacturers, the 16mm pilot lamps are ideal for use in control panels across a wide range of applications including general industrial, medical, machinery, fork lift trucks, electric vehicles, lift and hoist controllers and so on.

Showing versatility, all SCL PL16 lamps are available in 6, 12, 24, 48, 110 and 230V types and operate from AC and DC voltages e.g. 24V AC or DC. Able to display a wide range of signals, the lamps are available in red, yellow, blue, green and white.

The environmentally friendly SCL PL16 lamps consume less than 20mA current, saving energy compared to traditional filament bulb indicators especially when multiple lamps are used in a control panel.
With an uninterrupted duty rating of 30,000 hours, the PL16 will outlast filament bulb types many times over and are much more robust and resistant to shock and vibration. The multi-chip LED is able to withstand a high vibration specification of 10 to 2000Hz, 1.5mm, 10g, which would destroy a filament lamp.

CE marked and fully RoHS compliant, the PL16 is manufactured from a high quality, flame retardant ABS material. Able to operate in a wide temperature range of -5 to 40 degrees Centigrade, the PL16 lamps are ingress protected to IP65 and they will operate in a maximum humidity level of 90%. The lamps use a standard 16mm, ‘through panel’ cutout, and are supplied with locking nut.
Factors driving the demand for this type of lamp are the need for a modern, compact design that is easy to install and wire, coupled with reduced power consumption and greater reliability. Switchtec’s SCL 16mm LED lamps are available from stock.

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