GLT Introduces New Custom Led-Based Lcd Backlighting Solutions With High Brightness For Sunlight Readability

16th October 2012
ES Admin

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced new high-brightness backlight solutions for high-efficiency sunlight-readable displays.

GLT can design and build the new high brightness light guides in different sizes – e.g., 5-, 7-, 9- and 12-inch diagonal – to fit the customer’s requirements. They are ideal for applications such as automotive, avionics, marine, commercial signage, point of purchase and a variety of other displays that must be clearly readable in direct sunlight. The new light guide assemblies utilize mid-power LEDs mounted on a metal core PCB with passive thermal management and can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ end-product displays.

“The ultimate solution depends on the requirements of our customers,” said Brett Shriver, GLT’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “They work with us to design a custom LCD backlight that might be used for anything from a new center console display in an automobile to a fish finder display on a boat.”

GLT’s capabilities include design and build of a 7-inch diagonal backlight that consumes less than 15 watts of power and produces a brightness of 50,000 cd/m2 at the surface of the backlight, as well as a 12-inch diagonal backlight that requires less than 32 watts of power and produces 35,000 cd/m2 brightness.

GLT offers full engineering and prototyping capabilities and, with 4 manufacturing facilities worldwide, can produce these custom backlights in high-volume quantities.

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