Electrophoretic display suits mobile applications

16th December 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

An electrophoretic active matrix display, which is claimed to drastically reduce time-to-market, has been released by Electronic Assembly. The EA ELABEL20 A ePaper, offered with built-in intelligence, has a diagonal size of 2". Alongside a large number of graphic functions, the device features eight built-in fonts. Users can also upload additional fonts.

The display, which has a 2x and 4x character zoom function, is capable of displaying any combination of text and graphics. Up to 256 user-definable command sequences (macros) or an equal number of images can be stored on the device’s 64Kb EEPROM memory, which is mounted on the PCB. Three built-in interfaces (RS-232, SPI and I2C) are provided for controlling the displays.

The display can be operated in portrait or landscape mode, with a resolution of 172x72 or 72x172px, depending on the orientation. The text characters can be rotated 90°, allowing them to be correctly displayed in either orientation.

The EA ELABEL20 A ePaper has an operating voltage range of 3-3.3V and consumes no more than 16mA during screen update. In power-down mode (0.2µA), macros are still callable. The display is offered with a lithium battery, which provides power for one to two weeks of operation. The device’s low power consumption and power-down mode make it suitable for mobile and battery-operated applications. To connect to Windows PCs, users can utilise the company’s EA 9780 3USB interface board.

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