Display module features different LED backlight options

12th December 2017
Lanna Cooper


The displays of the DOG family of Electronic Assembly are characterised by a number of different features: they are compact and consume low energy. Electronic Assembly has now expanded this family of products with multi-coloured lighting. The signal colours can be mixed and changed.

The display modules of the series DOGM240-6 offer a resolution of 240x64 pixels which can generate eight lines with 40 characters each or four lines with 20 large characters each. The displays’ full-graphic mode allows a mix of text and pictures to be displayed.

The compact construction of these display modules can be attributed to their high level of integration: the modules contain a UC1611s type controller and the graphic RAM is already integrated. For a high contrast image pick a LCD-Supertwist or a FSTN display. There are four different LED backlight options available to choose from: amber, white and two-colour green/red, as well as the new three-colour white/red/green option.

The last option is suitable for signalling the equipment status at a glance: White = normal status, Red = error, Green = setup OK. The colour white is not mixed, rather it is produced by true white LEDs. By doing this, the backlight provides a bright and neutral white. This module is also energy efficient.

For the operation of the modules, a power supply of between 2.7 and 3.3V is required. The current consumption is typically 500µA for the display. For optimal LED lighting a further 10-150mA is enough. Driving the display, customers can choose between the most common interfaces in this application segment: 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI and I2C.

Thanks to their design, which is providing pins, the displays can be directly soldered into the PCB board without any complicated assembly process. With their ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -20 to 70°C, the displays are suitable for industrial use in harsh environments.

In terms of accessories, a USB test board 9780-3 and a free Windows simulator are available, as well as an attachable touch panel and the relating ZIF connector. The long term availability is generously measured as ten years, even for demanding projects.

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