Densitron to showcase latest display technologies for gaming at ICE

21st January 2011
ES Admin
Densitron is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of innovative custom and standard display solutions utilising OLED, TFT, STN, CSTN, Monochrome and Touch Screen technologies. It has over forty years of experience in providing comprehensive solutions to global organisations. At ICE 2011, which is due to take place between 25th and 27th January 2011 in Earls Court, London, will see Densitron showcasing the latest display and touch screen technologies available today for the gaming industry.

Mitsubishi’s high performing TFT modules are among the exciting products that Densitron will demonstrate at the show. They offer realistic colour, excellent response rate, wide viewing angle, super high brightness and white LED backlights with extended lifetime, providing optimal visibility in different operating environments. The displays have upward compatibility and long-term support guarantee which make them highly reliable and ideal for gaming applications.

A wide range of OLED displays, including both passive- and active-matrix, will also be showcased. Densitron’s OLED displays have low power consumption and offer high contrast and colour saturation, wide viewing angle, good long-distance visibility and fast response time of µs rather than ms, reducing motion blur to a negligible level.

Demonstration will be available on touch screens which are perfectly suited for gaming applications, including ITO PCT, Glass Resistive and 5-wire Resistive touch panels and Light Touch™ which is an interactive projector that instantly transforms any flat surface into a touch screen.

Light Touch™ from Light Blue Optics can significantly change the way people interact with multimedia gaming content. It utilizes Holographic Laser Projection (HLP™) technology to create bright, high-quality video images in WVGA resolution. Integrated infrared sensors detect motion and turn the projected image into a 9.8 virtual touch screen, so the user can control the projector and interact with gaming applications simply by touching the image.

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