Decorative Flexible Light LEDs for Consumer and Industrial Applications

28th August 2006
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Avago Technologies has announced a family of decorative flexible light strip modules for a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Avago's ASMT-Lx50 and Lx60 are said to be the industry's first light strip modules that can be bent into any shape that a designer can imagine without affecting performance. The thin flexible light optical light strips, which provide a bright "neon wire" effect, come pre-assembled and provides designers with an unlimited range of decorative lighting possibilities.

Avago's family of light strips is ideal for electronic product designers to add decorative trim around computer mice, and portable hand-held devices such as cellular phones, MP3 players and games. These flexible light strips are available in red, green, blue and white illuminated colors, in 1.0- or 1.4-mm diameters, in linear or loop configurations. The lengths range from 10 cm to 50 cm (30 cm for 1.0-mm diameter) and offer nearly constant illumination over their entire length.

Competition in the consumer electronics market means that product differentiation through aesthetics has become nearly as important as differentiation though performance. For that reason, manufacturers are working on enhancing the appearance of their products, and decorative lighting is an excellent product differentiator. The flexibility, easy incorporation in manufacturing and striking appearance makes Avago's flexible light strips an excellent choice for product differentiation through illumination.

The ASMT-Lx50 and ASMT-Lx60 are designed for maximum light extraction from their internal surface-mount LEDs to the light strip. The complete modules are available for operation at 5, 9 or 12 V.

Avago's ASMT-Lx50 (linear) and ASMT-Lx60 (closed loop) flexible light strip modules are custom-configured for length, diameter, color and voltage. Complete information is available now through Avago's direct sales channel.

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