Custom LED Backlight Enhances Displays

23rd November 2006
ES Admin
Forge Europa, a leading manufacturer of LED products, offers a custom design and manufacturing facility for edge or direct illuminated LED backlights. Using LEDs has a number of advantages. They offer distinct and vivid colours, long life (50 000hours) and the opportunity for precise dimming or intensity control. Power consumption is very low and can be further reduced by using pwm drive circuits.
Forge Europa offers a unique combination of European based experienced design engineers familiar with the latest advanced technology in conjunction with their low-cost manufacturing facility in the Far East. Particular emphasis is placed on achieving excellent uniformity of both colour and intensity. These backlights are ideal for small to medium size LCDs which are typically used in instrumentation and portable equipment. As well as single colour devices, backlights can be built with red, green and blue LEDs to give a wide colour gamut or customised colours for example to match a corporate logo or image.

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