Concerns over poor-quality temperature testing solutions

27th July 2020
Alex Lynn

Crystal Display Systems sourced and tested several temperature testing products when they began to appear on the market. Initially, for product research but most importantly to ensure that they were offering the best in class products to their customers. CDS believe individuals and companies should be incredibly careful as some of the quality and reliability has been concerning during testing, and such issues plus security should become a part of the conversation. 

CDS do not cover data security, assuming no data is stored, but rather the actual quality and reliability of the products being sold.

With the immediate rush to install and use these products some of the research and testing CDS have carried out has shown issues with some of the unbranded products (albeit promoted by US, UK, and European companies). CDS have uncovered some significant weaknesses including the following:

  • After prolonged periods of around 12 hours, the sensing software froze and required a hard reboot.
  • Tablets do not appear to come pre-calibrated and have shown incorrect temperature by around 1.5 to 2°C. When, if at all, were they calibrated and by whom?
  • Use of lower quality temperature testing sensor. Some claiming they use a branded temperature testing sensor when in fact it did not.
  • Poor English translations from Chinese.
  • Offer no improvements or software updates.
  • Can stop working overnight, so when individuals came into the office the unit had to be turned on and off again to reboot, which for many applications is unacceptable, and rises question to the overall quality and accuracy.
  • No API or SDK for development.
  • No ability to connect secondary monitor.
  • Limited to one size that does not meet all application needs, and in some cases the screen size is felt to be too small (the reason it is seven to eight inches is due to the cheap price and lower quality of the displays used).
  • Inaccurate description of what the product can do.

These unbranded units being offered, either by UK / European companies, as well as Chinese resellers are all identical, although the temperature results varied. CDS have tested a number of these and in multiple ways have found them unacceptable to use, in terms of quality and reliability and due to several reasons including some of those above. 

This product is mass produced in China at an OEM factory to a price point to sell millions rather than focusing on the quality and reliability which is why it utilises lower quality components. It is built to a price and carries the tag of ‘good enough’ which may be OK for a consumer type product or home use but not for professional and commercial use where the quality and reliability is a must. 

How many of these units have been sold and installed but give false readings? What if someone is barred from entering a building because of a failed body temperature test, how can they prove that the test has been carried out to a certain standard? 

CDS have also noticed that either the product is sold at too much of a low cost to get anywhere near international standards for accuracy that already exist for this technology. But also, less reputable companies are selling the same poor technology at extremely inflated prices which should be questioned.

CDS believe companies need to be looking at this more closely to ensure there are real efforts to meet high quality, reliability and transparency of supply and avoid sub-standard products flooding the market and the potential consequences of this highlighted above. 

CDS Managing Director, Chris Bartram, commented: “We are very conscious that the demand for these products has increased recently due to Covid-19 but we are also convinced that we only sell the highest quality solution we can and not jump on a bandwagon and import any old product from China for quick sales as that is not what our company or team are about. 

“If that means some of our customers want the cheapest product on the market and we have to walk away then that is fine as we can sleep soundly at night knowing that the product we offer is the highest quality, it is very clear who the manufacturer of that product is and we have their full support. Only that way can we fully support our customers and their customers.”

The result of CDS’s research and testing was that the Glorystar Tauri solution was the most accurate with several benefits these other unbranded solutions do not offer. The following points answer the simple question CDS got from our customers which was, ‘Why should we take your solution when there are other lower cost solutions?’

  • It is a branded Glorystar solution, so you know exactly where it is manufactured and by who.
  • If you feel the need to talk directly to the manufacturer you can, and CDS can facilitate this.
  • It utilises a high quality Heimann temperature sensor and can be proven if required.
  • Known quality manufacturer with years of digital display and related product expertise.
  • Four different screen sizes for flexibility to meet your requirement / application.
  • Compact, low power consumption and quality build.
  • Stocked in the UK for fast global distribution.
  • Free first line in-house telephone and email technical support.
  • Availability of an API and SDK for smooth integration into 3rd party products / applications, such as gate entry systems etc.
  • New features being introduced to add value to your purchase.
  • Dual monitor option.
  • The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3°C, with a refresh rate at 64Hz.
  • Email notification system.
  • Face detection and OPTIONAL facial recognition (can store up to 5,000 people in storage).
  • Can read temperatures even if wearing a mask.
  • Custom ‘wear a mask’ reminder on screen.
  • CDS can protect your project with project registration.

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