Avago Technologies Adds Customizable Options to Series of Ultra-slim Scrollwheel Input Devices for Portable Handheld Applications

26th July 2007
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Avago Technologies, today added a new series of ultra-slim scrollwheel input devices that are easy to install and available in 12 standard configurations to meet the aesthetic design needs of designers developing portable handheld applications in low volumes. Avago's AMRX-1510 scrollwheel device provides an integrated solution for easy scrolling, directional navigation, and push button selection in the industry's thinnest package with dimensions of 1.9 mm height by 18.5 mm in diameter. Avago is a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.

Avago's AMRX-1510 combines an illuminated scrollwheel input device with tactile left, right, up and down navigation switches and a center select button instead of many different rocker switches to enhance the user experience. In addition, with the availability of either a blue or white illumination ring, as well as a variety of material, color and finish options for the center select button and scrollwheel, designers can easily enhance the overall look and feel of their products to create more value to the end user. Moreover, the new design options available in the AMRX-1510 minimize the additional cost of customization for low volume applications making this input solution more affordable.

Based on the same innovative reflective optical technology (patents pending) used in the AMRX-1500 to detect the direction and speed of the rotational movement of the rotary dial, this new input device from Avago also incorporates a non-contact motion sensor to ensure reliable operation of the device. Avago's AMRX-1510 comes with an FPC interconnect terminated in standard surface mount zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors to enable designers to easily install the device in their applications.

Today's users are often faced with difficulties in navigating long play lists or menus, and changing settings and values with the conventional rocker switches used in today's mobile phones, music players and many other devices. With the ease of variable speed control, Avago's AMRX-1510 is an ideal replacement for those switches, and its integrated illumination ring enable designers to easily develop handheld electronic products that are more visually attractive to end users.


The Avago AMRX-1510 scrollwheel device is built around Avago's reliable reflective optical technology. The horizontal scrollwheel provides a two-channel quadrature output, with resolution of 45 cycles per revolution (CPR). It operates from a single 2.4 V to 3.3 V supply, and is available in both single-ended 1.8 V CMOS and 3.3 V TTL logic compatible output options. It is easy to assemble, featuring plug-and-play connectivity through a flexible printed-circuit board, and requiring no signal adjustment. To maximize battery life, the device features a power-down mode in which it draws only 4 µA. The Avago AMRX-1510 is RoHS-compliant and lead-free.

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