Alphanumeric display operates from -40 to +80°C

11th June 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

An alphanumeric display with the advantage of high contrast for good visibility combined with low energy consumption has been released by Electronic Assembly. The EA W202 XDLG also features an onboard controller which supports user-friendly connectivity options, and operates over a wide temperature range, making it suitable for automotive applications.

The device displays two lines containing 20 characters each. Character height is 9.66mm, which is currently the maximum in the OLED display range. The onboard controller is compatible with the popular HD44780, so when using the EA W202 XDLG, system developers will find themselves on familiar ground. Featuring an SPI interface for communication with the outside world, the controller can be connected to a 4 or 8-bit data bus. A range of functions including Clear Display, Shift Display, Shift Cursor and Cursor on/off can be performed with a single command.

The complete ASCII character set including special characters is factory installed in the character ROM. The user has the choice of four different fonts: English, European I, European II and Cyrillic. In addition, 8 characters are user definable.

The EA W202 XDLG operates over a temperature range of -40 to +80°C. It withstands arctic temperatures outdoors and tropical heat inside control cabinets, completely eliminating LCD freezing which typically occurs at low temperatures. Featuring a low power consumption of 15-50mA, the display does not require a complex multi-level power supply. The device will run from a simple 3.3-5V source.

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