5.0” WVGA Color TFT-LCD Module with Industry-leading high Brightness suitable for Rugged Outdoor Applications

28th October 2011
ES Admin
Mitsubishi Electric is introducing its new 5.0” WVGA color TFT-LCD module for industrial use. The product AA050MG01 is equipped with a built-in LED driver in a slim and lightweight LCD module design features industry-leading high brightness of 800cd/m2 and a super wide viewing angle.
The new 5.0” TFT-LCD module is built in a new slim design with a lightweight construction. The improved backlight structure reduces the thickness of the module to 3.9mm and its weight to 80g. In addition, the new module contains a built-in LED driver to achieve a more compact system design and a better cost effectiveness in customer’s applications.

The AA050MG01 features a super wide viewing angle of 170 degrees (horizontal/vertical), which is among the widest in the industry and a clear display enabled by a 900:1 high contrast ratio.

The TFT-LCD modules with market leading long-life LED backlight performance can be operated without an inverter, unlike other models which used Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlights. The TFT-LCD modules offer a brightness of 800cd/m2, making them suitable for operation in very bright illuminated outdoor environments.

The AA050MG01 achieves a top level wide operating temperature range from -20 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this model can be implemented in applications in rugged outdoor environments.

With the new 5.0” TFT-LCD module Mitsubishi Electric is responding to the increased demand for high brightness color TFT-LCD modules in the 5” class. The increase usage of portable terminals in warehouses or retails stores e.g. to scan and monitor the stock is just one example of a key application field of this size of TFT screens for which good visibility even under the sunlight through a high brightness screen can be ensured.

The new TFT-LCD module is RoHS conform.

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