3M to Discuss Energy Efficiency for LCD TVs at Display Forum 2007

13th November 2007
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3M will reveal the hidden component driving energy savings in LCD television sets at the Display Forum 2007, the European display business event. Vikuiti Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF) from 3M is an innovative display technology that can equal the picture brightness produced by an average LCD TV whilst increasing backlight efficiency by up to 50% and TV efficiency by as much as 30%.
Lloyd Cole, European Marketing Manager, 3M Optical Systems, comments, “We are looking forward to being part of this exciting event, which attracts key influencers and experts from all sectors of the electronic display market. Our objective is to share the benefits of our Vikuiti DBEF technology and highlight the incredible potential savings impact it could have on worldwide energy and resources. To give an example, if every LCD TV purchased between 2006 and 2011 were to have Vikuiti DBEF designed-in, we could save 59 million barrels of oil or 41 million tons of coal!”

When Vikuiti DBEF is used in the backlight, its unique optical properties allow more of the light from the lamps to be used by the display. This means that S-wave light that cannot be used by the display, and that would normally be absorbed by the polariser, is recycled in the back light cavity. Much of the recycled light is converted to P-wave that can now be used to increase the brightness of the display.

LCD TVs with DBEF show an increase in backlight efficiency of between 30% to 50% and an increase in TV efficiency of 20% to 30% compared to the same system without DBEF. During 3M performance tests, power consumption of a 37” LCD TV with DBEF was reduced by as 35 Watts with a decrease in cavity temperature by up to 10 deg C. Furthermore, the DBEF configured system only required 12 bulbs to produce the same level of picture brightness, vivid colour, clarity and definition as today’s average 37” LCD system that demands 16 bulbs.

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