Zuken Launches Automatic Wiring Diagram Generation Tool

27th May 2010
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Zuken has introduced the E³.Wiring Diagram Generator, a new tool for the automatic creation of schematic wiring diagrams as part of the 2010 version of E³.series, the state-of-the-art solution for wiring, harnesses, cable, fluid, hydraulics, and panel design. The new module generates schematic wiring diagrams for engineering and after-sales documentation.
These are created by following user-defined design rules and using existing netlist information from a basic CSV file - tasks that would have previously taken hours or days, now only take minutes.
Use in Electrical System Engineering

Using this method, FIAT has significantly reduced their electrical architecture design cycle.

Paolo Puiatti, Engineering & Design Electrical / Electronics – Power & Signal Distribution Manager at FIAT Group Automobiles comments, Our objective three years ago was to reduce the electrical architecture design cycle for a new car by 20%, requiring no extra resources, just improved process and product development integration. E³.Wiring Diagram Generator is proving to be instrumental in making this possible.

Use for After Sales Integration

The introduction of this new module has been driven by customer demand, calling for a solution that will quickly draw a cable or wire harness system. In the automotive industry for example, electrical engineering system drawings historically had to be drawn manually for production documentation and service support, adding time and cost to the project. With this new module, an entire vehicle can be documented in just a few minutes rather than the hours or days it might take to draw the cable or wire harness system manually.
Use for System Migration

E³.Wiring Diagram Generator can be used as a design migration tool by accepting CSV format connection lists, which can be created manually or extracted from older outdated wiring tools. This speeds up the creation of new documentation without the need for labor-intensive redrawing of schematics or error-prone graphic file conversions.

Using the E³.Wiring Diagram Generator, drawings can be created in the E³.series format in a standardized layout. The resulting E³.series drawings can be used as the base for modification or new projects.

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