Upgraded shelf manager provides improved security functions

7th November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

The ACB-V, a shelf manager from Pentair, has been upgraded to include the ShMM 700 module from Pigeon Point Systems. Supporting the latest Linux kernel, the ACB-VI shelf manager provides improved security functions and extended software functionality. The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) has been considered and upgraded. Using an FPGA, data integrity is improved via radial IPMI.

For every slot from all other segments, the IPMB-0 segments are now logically isolated. Pentair has also improved redundancy and the communication of status information between two redundant shelf managers at the hardware level. Information between shelf managers is exchanged via a stable two-wire bus, which replaces the six discrete signals used in previous versions.

By dividing between five independent I²Cs, the reliability of I²C communication, both on board the shelf manager and to field replaceable units, is improved.

Although the ACB-VI shelf manager features improved security functions, higher availability and a more robust design, it is offered at a lower price.

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