Understanding constraints at 1" wavelengths eases UHD design

2nd April 2015
Barney Scott

Omnitek is spinning out its inhouse expertise in high speed video interfacing technologies to enable manufacturers to speed up their own designs and catch the wave of UHD without breaking the bank on expensive development teams and long timescales. With off the shelf IP-cores and custom designs for blue-chip clients, Omnitek has years of experience developing firmware and design-for-manufacture PCBs.

The latest technology to be called for in the broadcast market is the 12Gb/s serial digital interface (12G-SDI) which can carry uncompressed full colour 4K and UHD video at 60fps, making it a strong contender for the 4K production format of choice.

To achieve the long cable runs that successful deployment of 12G-SDI requires, the physical layer design constraints that apply at 1" wavelengths must be understood. The company’s team of consultant engineers has a wealth of knowledge of signal path integrity techniques, characteristics of PCB substrates and tracking routing rules, providing a painless and lower cost short cut to 12G designs.

Enabling simple translation to uncompressed video over IP and SDI carried on optical fibre, electrical 12G-SDI on coaxial cable is an SMPTE standard and can be transferred easily from existing 4K infrastructures based on 4-cables of 3G-SDI. Omnitek’s 12Gb/s designs and use of driver and equaliser technologies reach distances of over 50m, making 12G-SDI a viable single cable point-to-point technology for 4K video systems.

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