Transition Automation's slim-line universal squeegee holder

4th January 2023
Beth Floyd

Transition Automation is pleased to announce the release of a new “Slim-Line Tool Free” squeegee holder system at this year’s IPC APEX EXPO Trade Show in booth #3325.

The new holder design is aptly named SlimLine to highlight the flat front surface and lack of screws or clamp bar features. This new holder design is their first “tool free” holder that allows for blade changes without the use of screwdrivers, nut wrenches or other tools.

The new design incorporates magnets to secure the main body of the squeegee blade and unique end “locks” that have a very low profile.  The result is a holder that provides a complete smooth front blade surface. The benefit of this design is that the squeegee blade does not have any protruding elements that typically interfere with solder paste rolling.Clamp bars, screws and hardware located in the front of the squeegee cause interruption and difficulty when maintaining squeegees. Screws get clogged with dried solder paste and paste will stick on any protruding surface.

By eliminating these protruding elements, this new squeegee holder improves print quality and cleaning ability. Now, users can simply swipe across the front squeegee and obtain complete cleaning with a smooth spatula.

This design is available for all SMT printers and maintains similar design outline as previous Transition Automation holder geometries.

Another goal of the new design is to minimise interstitial spaces where cleaning fluid and paste can be trapped.  

These holders have nearly 99% of their body as a sealed void-free shape. The holders also feature Soft-Touch Paste Retainers.

Blade changes with this new holder take 5 seconds – with no tools required, operators simply loosen two thumb screws at each end, then pull the blade away from the magnetic face. When a new blade is placed near the face, it jumps by magnetic force to two alignment pins, and the final step is to retighten the two thumb screws.

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