Touch support from the first second

12th November 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

To meet the rising demand for systems with touch operation, TQ as one of the market leaders in embedded systems is building on innovative BIOS/UEFI technology with its new x86 products. The new TQMxE38M embedded module will be the first product to build on this technology.

When it comes to control concepts for industrial applications, TQ banks on touch support even during the boot phase and in the BIOS set-up. UEFI touch drivers are used here that support control and entry possibilities with established USB touch controllers even without an operating system. The BIOS set-up itself is also ideally laid out for touch operation with its graphic user interface and the "easy-config" concept. The menu structure is significantly simpler and clearer and offers enough space for sufficiently large controls and configurations that can still be operated well by touch on small displays. The graphics resolution is dynamically adjusted to the connected screen to ensure that the whole surface of the screen can be used for display and operation at a high resolution. This plays a particularly important role in high-resolution displays, where most conventional systems work with scant standard solutions and center/zoom functions.

To guarantee the possibility of useful remote access in the BIOS set-up despite a graphic interface, TQ also makes console redirect available by network in its new Intel® Atom™- based products. This replaces the old, text-based console via serial interface, which makes access much more comfortable and flexible. The user is no longer bound to local service interfaces, but can simply access the system through the network. This is all supported independently of processor-specific features such as Intel's AMT technology and is therefore available in all performance classes.

The first product to support this innovative convenience is the newly introduced embedded module TQMxE38M by TQ. Equipped with the Intel® Atom™ series E3800 (Bay Trail) and up to 8 GB DDR3L memory with ECC support, it offers not only sufficient performance and reliability to realize high-quality panel PCs; with its low power dissipation, it can also be used in passively cooled deeply embedded systems. Thanks to its particularly high-quality connector (COM Express) and its expanded temperature range, applications can also be realized in especially rugged environmental conditions.

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