Top five design products in July

27th July 2021
Alex Lynn

Electronic Specifier takes a look at the top design products to have been released in July.

1. Dev kit for signal chains using quad-channel ADC

Teledyne e2v has expanded the scope of engineering support accompanying its popular EV12AQ60x analog-to-digital converter (ADC) series. The new EV12AQ600-FMC-EVM development kit will be an invaluable tool for those implementing mixed-signal subsystems. Intended for prototyping work relating to avionics, military, space, telecommunications, industrial and high energy physics applications, this kit may be used for evaluating the operation of the company’s EV12AQ600 and EV12AQ605 12-bit quad-channel ADCs.

This means that engineers can quickly construct functioning prototypes and check that the expected operational parameters can be achieved.

Read the full release here.

2. Rugged PL-50240 IoT edge computer for robust challenges

WIN Enterprises has announced the PL-50240. The PL-50240 is a fanless embedded system with IP66 support, smart venting, WiFi / LTE / CANBUS, powered by the Intel Atom Processors. The unit provides flexible handling of Outdoor IoT, traffic management, environmental energy facilities, weather station support, and operations in extreme climates such as high altitudes, and more.

For those 24/7 outdoor operations requiring a ruggedised x86 computer which can be deployed unprotected at the production edge the unit offers a compact platform that delivers on performance and reliability. The PL-50240 is designed to deal with climate changes in all conditions. The PC box device provides the ability to withstand environmental insults such as intrusive water and dust.

Read the full release here.

3. Free reference model riscvOVPsimPlus updated

Imperas Software has announced the latest updates to riscvOVPsimPlus with support for the near ratified P extension and architectural validation test suites. The P (or Packed SIMD/DSP) extension is a significant addition to the flexibility of the modular RISC-V ISA (Instruction Set Architecture); it supports real-time data processing applications as part of the main processor pipeline without the need for the associated inefficiencies of a co-processor.

For processor hardware verification, a basic test suite helps ensure implementations have a basic software level compatibility to the new P extension as a reference to the developers’ interpretation of the written specification.

Read the full release here.

4. R-Car Gen3e with higher CPU speed for infotainment

Renesas Electronics has added a new series to its popular R-Car system-on-chips (SoCs) with the R-Car Gen3e. Featuring six new members, the new R-Car Gen3e series of SoCs offers a scalable lineup for entry- to mid-range automotive applications that require high-quality graphics rendering, such as integrated cockpit domain controllers, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), digital instrument cluster, driver monitoring systems, and LED matrix light.

The new devices extend the successful R-Car Gen3 SoC products with increased CPU performance up to 50k DMIPS and 2GHz speeds to help carmakers navigate demands for continuous user experience, security, and safety improvements.

Read the full release here.

5. Ethernet PHYs enable multidrop bus architecture

The LAN867x family of 10BASE-T1S PHYs, a new solution released by Microchip Technology, has expanded Ethernet connectivity to the very edges of industrial networks, simplifying architectures and reducing risk for designers.

Smart manufacturing is driving efficiencies in automation as digital networks increasingly connect machines, production line equipment and robotics. Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks that are critical to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) rely on Ethernet for interoperability and to speed data transmission and ensure security.

Read the full release here.

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