Timing boost for cold applications with SiTime Endura

7th May 2021
Alex Lynn

SiTime Corporation has announced the availability of a significant new feature of the SiTime Endura SiT5146 Super-TCXO. Previously, these devices operated down to -40oC, but now support -55oC.

With this new capability, the SiT5146 delivers best-in-class stability over -55 to +105oC, benefiting airborne applications such as low earth-orbiting (LEO) satellites, commercial aircraft, satellite communication systems, and rocket delivery systems as well as terrestrial systems residing in extremely cold environments.

“Aerospace and defense applications depend on precise and stable timing in the presence of extreme temperatures,” said Piyush Sevalia, Executive Vice President of Marketing at SiTime. “While the challenge is significant, solving our customers’ difficult timing problems is what we do at SiTime. Through our rapid-release derivatives program, we extended the operating temperature range of the SiT5146 to -55°C while maintaining ±1 to ±2.5 ppm stability and excellent performance in the presence of shock and vibration. With these features, the Endura SiT5146 is an obvious choice for airborne and terrestrial applications that operate in extremely cold environments.”

The SiTime Endura SiT5146 is a ruggedised ±1 to ±2.5 ppm MEMS Super-TCXO that is available in two flavors of acceleration sensitivities: 0.009 ppb/g and 0.1 ppb/g. It can withstand high levels of shock and vibration while continuing to deliver performance.

Frequencies are programmable with six decimals of accuracy from one to 60MHz. Offered in a 5x3.2mm package, the SiT5146 can be factory programmed for any combination of frequency, stability, voltage, and pull range, enabling shorter lead times. The device is available now in production quantities.

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