TI's multicore software development kit extended

13th November 2013
Nat Bowers

Texas Instruments has today announced that it has extended its Multicore Software Development Kit to the low-power OMAP-L138 and OMAP-L132 DSP + ARM9 processors. Enabling customers to migrate to high-performance devices without moving to another software platform, the MCSDK reduces development time for applications in industrial, communications, telecom and medical markets.

Offering scalability to TI’s TMS320C6000 high-performance digital signal processors, the MCSDK provides highly-optimized bundles of foundational, platform-specific drivers to enable development on Texas Instruments devices. Supporting future portability to higher performance TI multicore platforms, the MCSDK provides well-defined application programming interfaces for ease of programming so that customers do not have to develop common layers from scratch. With the MCSDK developers can evaluate hardware and software capabilities of the device-specific development platforms and rapidly develop multicore applications.

Enabling applications to use SYS/BIOS and/or Linux on one platform, the MCSDK individual cores can typically be assigned to operate Linux applications as a control plane while other cores are simultaneously assigned high-performance signal processing operations. This heterogeneous configuration provides software developers the flexibility to implement full solutions on TI’s multicore processors. In the case of TI’s OMAP-L138, the internal ARM9 processor can be assigned with a high-level operating system, such as embedded Linux, performing complex IO stack handling, while the TMS320C647x DSP runs TI RTOS (previously SYS/BIOS) real-time processing tasks.

Ramesh Kumar, business manager, DSP at TI, comments: "We are very excited to have the MCSDK available for the OMAP-L138 processor. New and existing customers will enjoy many benefits, including the ability to use the same software across TI’s C6000 DSPs, enabling programming efficiency, improved time to market and a greater return on investments made today.”

The MCSDK contains libraries that are compatible with TI’s C647x DSPs and KeyStone-based DSPs including the C665x, C667x, 66AK2Hx and 66AK2Ex processors. With the MCSDK, developers are able to access and benefit from various optimized DSP libraries including the Math Library, Digital Signal Processing Library, Image and Video Processing Library, Telecom Libraries and Speech and Video Codecs. TI’s OMAP-L138 processor is packed with a unique combination of application-tuned features and peripherals including Ethernet, USB, SATA, Video Port Interface, uPP and more. TI’s MCSDK gives developers access to the latest Linux software updates through the community open-source kernels.

Download TI’s MCSDK for the OMAP-L138 processor for free from the TI website. For an easy to use, low-cost development kit to jumpstart your development, purchase the OMAP-L138 LCDK (TMDXLCDK138) development kit available for $195.00 (USD).

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