TI announce the first IoT-capable LaunchPad

7th March 2014
Nat Bowers

The first IoT-capable LaunchPad in the TI ecosystem, the Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad has been introduced at a price of just $19.99 (USD). This IoT platform enables engineers to rapidly prototype a variety of cloud-enabled applications, bringing expansive connectivity to any new or existing LaunchPad-based applications.

The Tiva C Series TM4C1294NCPDT MCU on-board adds advanced Ethernet technology and the largest memory footprint available in the LaunchPad ecosystem. The robust performance and diverse peripherals on this platform can run multiple communication stacks simultaneously, allowing engineers to develop network gateways that can connect multiple endpoints to the cloud. Example applications include sensor gateways, home automation controllers, industrial communication/control networks, cloud-enabled gadgets/appliances and anything you choose to connect.

Along with the on-board Ethernet MAC +PHY, significant analog integration and connectivity options, the Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad contains two BoosterPack XL plug-in interfaces. These interfaces allow designers to connect to a wide range of compatible BoosterPacks, providing the capability to expand application reach with sensors, displays,  wireless modules and more.

A large ecosystem of BoosterPack plug-in modules support various application extensions. Developers can use TI’s SimpleLink WiFi CC3000 BoosterPack, SimpleLink Bluetooth low energy CC2541-based BoosterPack from Anaren, as well as many other TI and third-party BoosterPack solutions. Included with the Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad is an extensive TivaWare software foundation with more than 50 accompanying software application examples, accelerating software development time and allowing developers to concentrate on delivering differentiated products to the market more quickly.

The Tiva C Series Connected LaunchPad (EK-TM4C1294XL) is available for $19.99 (USD) through the TI estore and licensed TI distributors. Find compatible BoosterPacks on the TI website.

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