Three-phase GaN inverter reference design for integrated drives

15th May 2019
Alex Lynn

This reference design from Texas Instruments is a three-phase inverter with a continuous power rating of 1.25kW at 50°C ambient and 550W at 85°C ambient for driving 200V AC servo motors. It features 600V LMG3411R150 Gallium Nitride (GaN) power modules with an integrated FET and gate driver mounted on a 1.95mm Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) board for efficient heat dissipation.

Isolation and control circuits are mounted on separate FR-4 boards - the dimensions of the design are 80x46x37mm, including heatsink, control, isolation, and power stage.

This ultra-small form factor, coupled with the ability to be natural convection fanless cooled, allows for easy integration of the drive with the motor, reducing the required cabinet space by up to 50% and cable lengths by up to 90 m in six axis motor applications including robotics, CNC machines, and so forth.

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