Stackpole's Thick Film Sample Kits Provide all E96 Resistance Values Per Decade

30th March 2012
ES Admin
Today, Stackpole announced the release of its new thick film sample kits. The sample kits feature Stackpole's RMCF Series general-purpose thick film chip resistors with 1% tolerance values. These thick film resistor kits feature 20 pieces of all E96 standard 1% resistor values per decade, totaling 1,920 pieces.
Stackpole's thick film sample kits are an ideal solution for engineers doing design and development. Unlike many other sample kits, they provide every E96 resistance value in a decade. Many times design engineers will want flexibility for certain resistance values to adjust their circuit performance. By providing all the resistance values per decade, Stackpole's sample kits ensure that they will have the value needed.

The kits are available in sizes from 0402 to 1206 and in each decade from 10 ohm to 100 Kohm. Thick film engineering sample kits are great for any engineer involved in the design stage of electronic products.

Pricing for the thick film resistor sample kits varies with size ranges from

$35 to $50 each.

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