Thermal protection reference design for HEV/EV traction inverters

16th January 2019
Alex Lynn

The TIDA-00794 reference design from Texas Instruments is a temp sensing solution for IGBT thermal protection in HEV/EV traction inverter system. It monitors the IGBT temperature via the NTC thermistor integrated inside the IGBT module. It provides thermal shut down to the IGBT gate drivers once the NTC thermistor temperature rises above the programmed threshold. 

The design includes the IGBT isolated gate drivers, isolation to the high voltage, NTC signal conditioning, Load resistor, and I2C interface to the MSP430, which enables the design system to run independently under high power ratings.


  • Designed for Traction Inverters with rated current up to 300A and DC bus voltage up to 400V.
  • IGBT half bridge evaluation platform which includes Gate driver, Isolation, NTC signal Conditioning Circuit, Load resistor, and interface to the MCU.
  • Push-Pull current boost at the Gate driver which enables 10A source and 10A sink peak gate currents.
  • One multi-channel ADC and one isolation IC for conditioning multi NTCs in the Inverter System.
  • Eight kilovolt Reinforced Isolation and CMTI greater than 50kV/µs.

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